the Devil’s Own Sel. | 29

The end of Dicebox Book 3 : Chase

The last five pages begin here.

This book was actually completed months ago. Ten months ago to be precise. All I can say is that it’s been a very busy and complicated ten months. And to be fair, it’s only been six months since the final pages should have been posted here. I just kept wanting to correct this or that on each page and I still do, but it’s beyond time I just post them. So I did.

I still intend to go through and edit Book 2, some of the art but mostly the story to cut away the dead ends and improve the flow. But as the next couple of months promise to also be a complicated hassle, probably not until summer.

In the meantime, I have started Book 3 : Tour-of-Duty over on my Patreon, along with sone prep work for the same. Only five pages so far and the updates will be uneven for a bit. I’m not going to be posting page for Book 3 here until I have at least ten pages in the bag. You’ll know when I start sharing them here as the front page will have a brand new look.

Until then, keep well.