Welcome to Book 3 : Tour of Duty

Yes, I originally posted this back in March. I kept meaning to do one more thing before beginning here in earnest, but it hasn’t happened yet—the text summaries for Book 2 : Chase. I will get to that eventually, but I’m more than ready to post pages already.

And the first page of the first chapter “Soldiers.” The entire first chapter has been posted over at my Patreon (for patrons) and will be updating here, a page at a time, weekly, on Thursday.  Meanwhile I will be posting chapter 2 “Officers” over at said Patreon, which I have already started doing.

As you might have noticed, I have updated Dicebox.net, fixed what was broken, most notably the Store. I still have things to tinker with and add but will be best done with maintenance mode turned off or aren’t essential. One of my biggest accomplishments with this revamp is a properly populated Cast page—which delayed the release of this revamp a week or two as I tried to figure out the descriptors.

That’s it, I think. It’s been a while since this site has been active and it feels good to have it live again.