Where does the name “Dicebox” come from?

The title Dicebox was inspired by the Nordic rune Peorth, which is the “dice cup” or the “womb.” Its significance in a casting is of something revealed that had been hidden, though it can also stand for a gamepiece or a pawn.

This in turn resonates with a long fascination of mine for dice and playing cards and their everyday commonness combined with rich symbolic meaning. (Not so much that they are used for gambling as well as fortune telling—though I got the humor of that before leaving grade school.)

I’m fascinated by the way one recognizes the fifth side of a die in less than an instant without counting the dots—it’s an alternate symbol “5.” And how they are called “bones” in reference to the material they used to be made from. Well, by my grandfather anyway…

That said, the occasional appearance of dice in this story signifies nothing.

What sex or gender is Griffen?

Griffen’s sex is female. Her gender is a little more elusive (as is anyone’s).

Has Molly always been missing the ring finger of her right hand?

Within the story Dicebox, yes.

Why the gender neutral pronoun peh?

Well, I clearly think it necessary to have such a pronoun. And I wasn’t satisfied with any existing ones. I wanted something that couldn’t be confused with he, she or it either in speech or text. Using “they” is pretty good in writing or in the abstract, but can be needlessly confusing in conversation when talking about specific individuals.

I also wanted the pronoun to have the same effect as he or her, a near aspirant sound that flows instead of stops. A friend had come up with “penn” as a gender neutral pronoun which didn’t quite work for me for that reason. But it did inspire peh, which is, in essence, short for person.

Aren’t there any other gendered pronouns being used in the Dicebox universe?

Most likely! But I doubt it’ll come up in a big way in the story. My characters are fairly mainstream in that respect for their time and place.

How often does Dicebox update?

Right now all I can say is weekly.

When it does update, I make note of it on the Home Page, my Instagram and Bluesky accounts and, of course, on my Patreon page.

There is also an RSS Feed.

Why doesn’t the latest page appear on the home page?

Partly for spoilers, partly for content of a violent or sexual nature. Many long time readers bookmark and check the Latest Installment page directly.

How long does it take for you to do a page of Dicebox?

On average it takes me about 10 to 14 hours to do a page, from thumbnails to finishes. I’ve done a page in as little as 6 hours and have taken as long as 30 hours.

How do you create a page of Dicebox?

Digitally, in Affinity Photo.

Are you really planning to do 4 Books?


I have a this really great idea for a comic, do you want to draw it?

In a word: No.

Mind you, I’ve liked the ideas people have pitched at me in the past and hope to see some of them actually make print. But I have a great day job already and prefer to save all my comicking energy for my own stuff.

Hell, I won’t even draw my spouse’s stories. Not on spec, anyway.

How about commissions or work-for-hire?

Yes, I’m available for illustrations, design and short comic work. Contact me with the details and we can work out the particulars such as scope, schedule and pay.