That should do it.

If you are seeing this, then welcome the newly revamped Dicebox website is up and running! I’ll still be tweaking things, adding more content but the bulk of it is in place and running smoothly—save the Patreon login, which I’m hoping to have a solution for soon. Login for my Patreon patrons is now working! Not much locked content at the moment, just footnotes for “Christening.” And it’ll mostly be footnotes to begin with.

I say revamped, but I mean rebuilt. At least I had all the comic page jpegs safely backed up as well as the content for pages such as Explication and the F.A.Q. and so forth. There’s also new content, such as text summaries by chapter. (Only for Book 1 at the moment; I’ll start in on the ones for Chase soon, as well as expand the Explication.)

The WP comic publishing theme I’m running now is Toocheke and I love it. Very responsive and adaptable with many options I didn’t know I wanted, like the page “slider” that easily lets you jump back and forward a few pages, a built in book mark feature and a comic archive page that is exactly what I want. Added (huge) bonus was being able to hire Brian—the creator of Toocheke—to do a lot of the heavy lifting in configuration as well as coding the trickiest parts. Just as important is having him available to answer questions about the theme and how to direct my CSS correctly.

Now, about comic updates! Those will be happening weekly but for real this time; as I’ve mentioned previously, I have quite a backlog of pages now. (Which will be useful as I prep for Book 3 : Tour-of-Duty.)  I’m going to go back to updating on Wednesdays and will make note of it on Instagram and Twitter. For this week it will be the page already seen here, Page 47 of Hell.

And that’s all I have for the moment. If you find anything broken or bungled here, please do let me know!