The end of “Hell”

In more ways than one.

I forgot how much work I had lost with this page. And between work, a four day (isolated) family get away and wrapping up Book 2 : Chase, I hadn’t much time to recreate that work until today. I still want to tweak it a bit (more tombstones) but I feel that what I’m posting now is adequate/not embarrassing. 

And yes! Book 2 of Dicebox is now complete! (If you overlook all the editing I need to do and about 4 pages I want to insert.) And hey, only three years later than I planned on.  At any rate, the last chapter can be found over at my Patreon and will begin posting here a page a week, with the occassional two page update.

In the meantime, I’m already gearing up for Book 3 : Tour-of-Duty, writing scripts, designing space ships and exploring uniform looks. I hope to be able to roll into the new book one all of Book 2 makes it over here, but I do want to have certain aspects absolutely nailed down before starting. Because there are going to be far less costume and location changes, I want to make sure I can live with all of it for 200 to 300 pages.