A day late and a friend short

So, yes, there’s a new Dicebox page, page 5 of “the Devil’s Own Sel.” The reason it’s a day late is because I was left dazed at the news that cartoonist Jesse Hamm died suddenly yesterday morning, of a blood clot to the lung. 

I can’t say we were particularly close, I saw him in person only a few times a year, but he was an important part of my community of Portland cartoonists. He was a constant, reassuring presence of excellent cartooning skill and advise and groan worthy jokes. It gave me comfort knowing he was out there, that a world that had him in it was a good one. And now there’s a hole in it.

For a samples of Jesse’s work, here’s his portfolio. For that of his excellent cartooning advice, check out Hamm Tips over on twitter.