March 1st 2015


Just missed getting this latest page up in February as the fourth page of that month which is now my pledge for hitting my first Patreon goal. If only this was a leap year...

February 27th 2015


The first page of Part 5 is finally up!

I had to do more than my usual prep before I could begin this chapter, specifically card design, the process of which I shared on my Patreon blog here and here. Read more...


Dicebox, an online graphic novel by Jenn Manley Lee, tells the story of an eventful year in the lives of Griffen & Molly who started off as a couple of itinerant factory workers in a space-traveling future. Currently on Chase, Book Two of Four. Wander, Book One, can be read online in its entirety here and also bought as a printed volume there.

Dicebox updates on a weekly basis, usually mid-week.

Dicebox has its fair share of adult themes: sexual situations, innuendo, nudity, and bad language.