Grades of the Corporalty

Corps and Bureau Ranks
Commissioned Officers
Corps Bureau
General in Command Head
Lieutenant General Vice Head
Major General Marque
Brigadier General Baron
Colonel-Commandant* Commander*
Colonel Director
Lieutenant Colonel Chief
Major Principal
Captain Captain
Lieutenant Manager
Second Lieutenant Supervisor
Field Specialist Officers (Warrant Officers)
Corps Bureau
Field Captain Field Captain
Field Lieutenant Field Lieutenant
Field Deputy Field Deputy
Prime Specialist Prime Specialist
Specialist Specialist
Warrant Officers (Line Officers)
Corps Bureau
Chief Warrant Officer Chief Inspector
Operations Warrant Officer Deputy Inspector
Station Warrant Officer Inspector
Technical Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer
Non-Commissioned Officers
Corps Bureau
Sergeant MajorSuperintendent
Master Sergeant
Gun Sergeant
Staff SergeantChief Constable
Sergeant Patrol Sergeant
Enlisted Personnel
Corps Bureau
Lance CorporalConstable
Troop Patrol
Recruit Recruit

*Similar to the old British Navy rank of Commodore,
one whose rank is usually that of Colonel, who is
authorized to act as a General in times of action,
in some cases self-determined.


In the Corps, it's all one service, but there are special signifiers for pilots, vehicle commanders, and other specialists. For example, a pilot beginning at the rank of Field Deputy would be referred to as a Flying Deputy. Moving up the ranks, they would be a Flying Captain and then Flight Second Lieutenant and so on.

In the Bureau, one finds one's level fairly quickly within one's particular base which part of a "branch." Levels within a base is inclusive of rank up to Commander; a Baron oversees several bases, the Head an entire branch with the aid of a Vice Head and a few Marques. Also, the higher you go, the more likely you'll be promoted to fill a sudden vacancy, which is never an acting role to be revoked after the need is met due to security clearance, which is strictly aligned to each rank.

In Griffen's case, she began as a Deputy Inspector (more common would have been as Specialist as most Bureau are expected to begin their training in the field), worked her way to Chief Inspector in a couple of years, got a compensative promotion to Manager, made Captain after achieving a second Doctorate, achieved Principal then became Chief due to a combination of merit and a vacancy.

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