The Orbis Tertius Folly by Bill Mudron

Deadheaders with old-fangled metal-wrangling skills should consider temping at the Orbis Tertius Folly on the
butt-end of the Arkady Bogdanov Memorial Gardens—an irregular, stony asteroid in the L3 point. The Folly is an
astonishing contraption of mainsprings and counterweights and brass swingarms, mapping the thoroughly fictitious
solar system of Tlön, and it’s in constant need of tender, loving care from whatever greasemonkeys happen to be
in the neighborhood. The work is hard, but there’s room, board, weekly pay calls, and one helluva view.

Kofi Germanov, The Deadheader's Guide to The Systems on Two Thousand Kopecks a Day.
New Lancaster: One True Sky Books.

November 2003

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