Griffen Stoyka circa 1994

I did this quick sketch in the Haymarket Cafe in Northampton, Massachusetts
while Kip and Barry were in rehearsal for a local production of Don DeLillo’s the Day Room.

We all lived in Amherst at the time, which is about nine miles from Northampton, and I was the only one with
a car. As it didn’t make sense to go back and forth twice, I had a little ritual writing and sketching time at the
Haymarket while they rehearsed. One night I whipped out this drawing in the midst of a letter to the late,
great Barb Rausch. At this point I hadn’t drawn Griffen for 2 years and she was totally
recostumed. I sent Barb a xerox of this drawing and from her joyous reaction
to the coat, I knew I had a keeper.

The next time I drew Griffen in 1995—after I had moved to Portland—she
became skinnier, older and left-handed.

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