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Hey everyone, Harry here... got a report on the trailer for Sir Michael Bay's latest. Can't say I'm familiar with the source material, but it sounds like the kids at HellaCon got a hella sneak peek...

Hi Harry, love the site!

Just got back from HellaCon here in Balboa - and it was pretty tight! Universal was there screening Michael Bay's summer extravaganza. I thought I would gives you a head's up. It's an adaptation of Jennifer Leah's DiceBox. Normally I skim over trailer descriptions, but here we go...

An aged hand is idly rolling dice in its palm, around and around and around. One falls in slow motion, hitting the ground with a BOOM. Dust rises around it, and the screen fades to black.

A city street, in darkness. People move about all hunched and isolated. Voice-over: "When the world is filled with deciet..."

The scene explodes, only it's just the exploding engines of a Space Ship lifting off. The city skyline recedes behind it. VO: "Griffen will go beyond the stars to find the truth."

Police chief points an angry finger. "This is bigger than you, Griff. This is more than you."

A lawyer shrugs. "This is beyond us. It's beyond us all."

A hot chick pleads. "Please Griff! Forget the case---what about us?"

All are silenced as another dice pounds across the screen.

A bleach-blonde Matthew McConaughey is strapped to a Space Seat. He spits out his cigarette, which floats beside him, as he gives his Ship's control stick a violent tug. "I'm comin' for ya, Vasquez!"

We see a rippling Space Corn field, a farmhouse in the distance. VO: "When space is full of lies..."

A totally ripped old man, his face full of anger and concern. "He didn't want it like this."

A Space Doctor. "We did all we could."

A supervisor, holding his hands behind his back. "You'll find your way."

A hand on a gravestone, obscured by dark and rain. The hand forms a fist, and pounds the top. Supervisor VO: "Just not here, Molly."

We're back to the field, the camera following horses running between the stalks, leading us to Queen Latifah, walking alone, wiping her brow with a Space Hankie. VO: "Molly would go to the ends of the earth to find home."

Latifah holds out a thumb at the side of the road, and a truck roars right past. She throws her bindlestiff at it and yells.

She's riding a horse, fast across the purple grains of whatever planet they're on, Mars or Venus or something.

The screen pans up, and into the stars. Suddenly a fleet of Space Train Cars whistle by. VO: "They were the unlikeliest of friends."

McConaughey gives that super hot smile. "Name's Griffen, Jack Griffen. You can call me Griff."

Queen Latifah stares at him. "You don't look like a Griff."

"What do I look like?"

"A son of a---"

The train car explodes.

A carload of orphans are being harrassed by heavily armored Space Guards. VO: "They were the greatest of heroes."

McConaughey karate chops three guards, only to be overwhelmed by the fourth. He is about to fall, when BAM! Molly has shot him with a Space Gun.

McConaughey drops the dead body, and flaps his leather jacket. "Watch the coat, will you?"

Latifah scrunches her face and mimicks him. "Watch the coat, will you?"

Slow motion as they laugh. VO: "But would it be enough?"

Fade to black. Suddenly, we hear a heart beat. Police chief VO: "Vasquez is no joke, Griff. Vasquez is no game."

The heart beats. A dice falls. Police chief VO: "Vasquez is dead serious."

The heart beats. Another dice falls. Ripped old man VO: "Be careful, Molly."

The heart beats. The camera pans back up to the aged hand, now gripping one single dice. ROM VO: "Just tell me you'll be careful."

The heart beats. We follow the hand as it pulls the dice up into the air, studies it before a blurred face. After a moment's inspection, the hand carefully drops the dice down the barrel of a semi-automatic machine gun.

The heart beats. McConaughey and Latifah, battered and bloodied, run up in front of a chair whose back is to us. McConaughey gasps, "Vasquez! It's over."

The heart beats. In the chair, clad in an eyepatch and smoking a cigar, is Judy Dench. She laughs. "No, Señor Griffin." She raises the gun. "Es solamente the beginning."

As the sound of bullets fired and Dench laughing rings through our ears, the logo slams into the screen: DICE BOX.

McConnehey and Latifah are taking cover under a hail of gunfire. There's a pause, and McConnehey turns to Latifah, "Guess this is it." She says, "Guess it is."

Another hail of gunfire.

It quiets, and both, talking at the same time: "I have a secret."

Both, at the same time: "You have a secret?"

They still speak together. McConnehey: "I'm a cop." Latifah: "I'm pregnant."

Both: "WHAT?"

And their cover explodes, and flames ripple across the screen. Freeze frame, and words flash around them: THIS SUMMER - DICE WILL ROLL.

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More like dice SUX
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