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So have you guys gotten the novelization yet? It is amazing to see the stuff that got cut out of the movie!! I mean, some of it more than others. Because, ew, het. But if you can work past that, it's totally worth your $3.99.

Anyway, behind the cut is a scene that totally wasn't in the movie. This is specifically for gigabang, who was going crazy about the shot in the international trailer where Molly is firing the machine gun and flying with a jet pack and it wasn't in the movie! I bet it'll be in the deleted scenes. Along with the Molly/Vasquez kiss in the bloopers, right? Screengrabs/manips plz seriously. ;-* I NEED more vitamin Mollquez in my diet like whoa. dreamingdreamerdreams's ficlets are all that keep me going these days >:-D~~ That is me drooling because yes.

This goes right between when Vasquez escapes down the corridor and the finally fight in the ship;


Griffen loosed a volley of swears as they ran down the cement corridor.

"Watch your mouth," said Molly snippily, one hand on her stomach, "you'll startle the baby."

Griffen looked at her with a face of shock. "I'm too busy being startled BY the baby. A baby! How can you be having a baby?"

"The usual way," Molly said quickly. "You just keep your mind on Vasquez."

"Right," said Griffen, putting his feelings aside with a toss of his beautiful hair. His hands fisted and he started running more fast down the corridor. "VASQUEZ!"

But Vasquez was still running fast like a panther being chased by another, not-as-fast panther. Suddenly, she made a sudden dive down a side corridor.

As the duo made the same diving turn, they found only dark, inky blackness surrounding them. Griffen activated the light on his space watch, and found a switch on the wall.

They stood in a storage room filled with crates and crates of unlabeled crates. Skylights above showed the sky of Martian Calcutta above them, dark and starrily beautiful. There, panting in the middle of the room like a cornered Spanish cougar, was Vasquez.

"We've cornered you, Vasquez," yelled Griffen, his pearly teeth gritting with furious anger. "Cornered you like a Spanish cougar! Give up!"

"Nunca!" said Vasquez, laughing her evil cackle. "You are mucho loco, Señor Griffen, to think I can be cornered so easily! What you do not know about me es muy grande, I think---and little Juanito will agree!"

Suddenly both Molly and Griffen noticed that Vasquez had been holding John hostage all along.

"Johnny!" cried Griffen through gnashed, still pearly teeth. "Hold on, Johnny, we'll save you!"

The little boy smiled through tears of fear. "I'm okay, Mr. Ace! I can be brave, too! I can be brave---"

Vasquez hoisted the boy under one arm. "Si, you may have kept the rest of mi niños away from me, but with this little one's modified DNA, I can start again! You see, mi amigo y amiga? I am not the cornered gato, no. You will see that I am actually a horse of a different colores altogether. I am a bird in the sky of space!"

She began laughing and laughing even harder, and Molly and Griffen gasped. She was beginning to lift off the ground!

"She can FLY?" gasped Molly unbelievingly.

Griffen swore again. "Dammitall! She's a bipath!"

Molly furrowed her otherwise beautiful brow. "What's a bipath?"

Griffen pointed an answering finger at Vasquez.

"Helpful," said Molly, while Vasquez was now flying over to a crate and wrenching it open with her free hand. From it she pulled two breathing masks, placing one over the young squirming mouth of poor John. The other she put on her own face. Flying there, a terrified boy under her arm, an eye patch and face mask on her face, she looked terrifying, but totally sexy.

"Goodbye, Molly and Griffen!" she cried. "I hope that tu enjoy tu terriblísimo deaths!" And she smashed through the skylight and out into the space-sky of Martian Calcutta.

"DAMMIT!" said Griffen. Molly ran to the crate to grab a mask for them both. "NOW WHAT?" he said, the air sucking out of the room and fluttering his leathy jacket.

At that moment, a few hundred of Vasquez's goons came streaming through the door, guns blazing! Molly and Griffen drew their guns and took some cover.

"We don't have time for this!" said Griffen, popping up to shoot three goons in the head while the entirity of them managed to miss him in turn. "We need to get Vasquez! And Johnny!"

"I agree," said Molly, agreeing." She thought hard, and while doing so, a spray of gunfire cracked their crate, revealing two jet packs within.

Their eyes met.

"No," said Griffen, shaking his head, his bangs flopping into his deep, rich eyes. But the spirit of the little baby in her belly egged her on, and Molly grabbed one, putting it on.

"We won't be able to stop her with these little guns!" said Griffen, shaking his frankly wussy handgun in the air. Another spray of gunfire broke the crate he was hiding behind, revealing two machine guns and four belts of extra space bullets within.

Molly grinned at him with happy teeth. "Fine," grumbled Griffen. "I'm not one to question Space God." He slung two belts of bullets around him like Chewbacca, threw the extras to Molly, and put on his own jet pack.

"Molly, listen," he said, touching her face as they prepared to fly off to the firey, explosive climax. "If anything should happen to me, I... I want you to know that..."

Molly held his hand in place. "It's okay, Ace. You don't have to say anything. We'll be fine. Vasquez is right about one thing." She leaned close and whispered into his perfect ear: "Es solamente the beginning."

And with that they rose into the air, guns blazing, shouting at the soon-to-be-dead guards and flying out the skylight, speeding through the stars, following the sound of poor little John's brave, terrified screamings.


That makes the climax make a LOT more sense---I mean, how did they get from the lobby to the spaceship anyway? JETPACKS is how, bitches! Happy unbirthday gigabang! :-D

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2009-08-08 05:01 pm UTC (link)

I think Molly/jetpack is my OTP.

How do you feel about betaing my Mare/Vasquez? 5,500 WC so far. Mare takes Vasquez home to meet the fam; gun-fights & make-outs ensue. You know my MO.

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2009-08-08 05:05 pm UTC (link)

A ship worth shipping.

Hon, you know that Marequez is my secret space kryptonite. Gimme gimme gime! (Also, you mean space gun-fights and space make-outs.)

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2009-08-08 05:04 pm UTC (link)

Thank you for being my friend despite my hetting.

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2009-08-08 05:06 pm UTC (link)

you're just barely worth it, babe. But your fanmix nearly converted me, damn you. >;-/

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2009-08-08 05:09 pm UTC (link)

Ha ha! A good dose of Evanescence overcomes all biases. I'll have you writing spacewedding!fic yet.

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2009-08-08 05:12 pm UTC (link)


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